Joshua – ENG – head and neck blog

“You’ve also got the benefit of being able to track promotion of the patients while you’re treating them… so you can be more accurate with treatments.”

Jacob Curran – ENG – head and neck blog

“Radiotherapy is all about striking up a balance between comfort and accuracy. This technique represents a significant step forward for both, and I am thrilled to be able to offer it to our patients.”



Ke Sheng – ENG – MapRT

“Incorporating a personalized, whole-body clearance map in the treatment planning workflow can facilitate the adoption of non-coplanar beams or arcs that benefit the SBRT plan dosimetry.”

Mike Tallhamer – FR – Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

« Traditionnellement, les techniques SBRT ont offert des gains en matière de précision, mais souvent au prix de facteurs tels que l’efficacité, la personnalisation et le confort du patient; les données actuelles semblent suggérer que la SGRT a surmonté ce défi de compromis »

Luke Rock- FR – Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

« À l’hôpital Beacon, AlignRT permet une délivrance sûre et précise de la SBRT pour plusieurs localisations. AlignRT offre plusieurs avantages pour la délivrance du traitement SBRT dans notre établissement, notamment la surveillance en temps réel du patient, la gestion des mouvements respiratoires, la surveillance continue et de haute précision des mouvements du patient pendant la CBCT. L’utilisation d’AlignRT pour la SBRT a renforcé notre confiance dans la délivrance d’un traitement précis »


Catherine Russell – Eng – Prostate

“AlignRT has certainly helped reduce the pitch and roll in our pelvis patients as well as reducing the number of CBCT’s required per patient. This means a reduction of dose and time in the room for the patient.


Suzanne Coupland – Eng – Prostate

“With the introduction of the postural module, we have now started to use AlignRT to set up our pelvis patients. It has been a tremendous help in reducing the pitch and rotations prior to imaging. We are seeing an improvement in our CBCT data as a result.”


Stephanie Parker – Eng – Prostate

“We were thrilled to find that incorporating SGRT into the prostate patient setup process reduced reimaging rates and therefore reduced the amount of time our patients had to maintain a full bladder.”

Mike Tallhamer – Eng – Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

“Traditionally SBRT technologies have offered gains in accuracy but often at the cost of things like efficiency, customization, and comfort for the patient; current evidence seems to suggest that SGRT has overcome this trade-off challenge.”


Luke Rock- Eng – Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

“At Beacon Hospital, AlignRT is central to the safe and accurate delivery of SBRT for multiple treatment sites. AlignRT offers several benefits for SBRT treatment delivery at our facility including real-time monitoring of the patient, management of respiratory motion and continuous and high precision monitoring of patient movement during cone-beam CT image matching. The use of AlignRT for SBRT has increased our confidence in providing an accurate treatment delivery”


Habeeb Saleh – Eng – Patient Safety, Comfort and Efficiency Case study

“Intrafraction motion is a real thing, and it happens. We have collected data that shows even in a framed stereotactic case, patients move millimeters. Without having a way to observe the treatment, you’re walking in the dark. With AlignRT, you feel like you’re walking in the light, you know where you’re going. AlignRT allows us to deliver stereotactic treatments comfortably, accurately, and safely.”


Natasha Calle – Eng – Patient Safety, Comfort and Efficiency Case study

“What sets AlignRT apart is its real-time monitoring capabilities. Before and during radiation therapy, the system actively tracks your position, allowing for quick adjustments to ensure accuracy. AlignRT automatically signals the treatment delivery system to pause the radiation beam if there is any deviation from the intended position. This dynamic feature eliminates the need for radiation therapy tattoos or the discomfort of headgear and closed masks.”


Delonie Gregory – Eng – Business Case study

“The AlignRT SGRT system has enabled us to treat some of our breast cancer patients incorporating IMRT APBI based on the Florence Trial; these patients receive a total of 5 fractions treated every other day. This is a huge benefit for our patients as their treatments are reduced from 4-6 weeks to less than 2 weeks. AlignRT reassures us that our patients are correctly positioned, and treatments are delivered safely and accurately every time.”


Snehal Desai, MD – Eng – Case study business case

“As clinicians, we should consider technology, not for increased revenue, but also to see how we can minimize post-treatment costs as well as complications. We want to use it on every patient…it’s helped with their daily setup, improved their workflow [and] decreased setup times.”


Nicolas Mancini – Eng – Case study

“I am very pleased with the fact that I did not have to get tattooed for my treatment. I did not want a constant reminder of my diagnosis. The Vision RT system I feel is quite amazing, and it tracks the body surface for accuracy, and I am glad to be getting treated at a center that utilizes the state-of-the-art technology.”

Vinay Sharma – Eng – Case study

“Vision RT is a major step forward in improving the accuracy of radiation delivery, given its continuous monitoring throughout the duration of treatment. The system is efficient, easy-to-use, and improves our confidence that the precise area we want to target is actually receiving the prescribed radiation dose. It is very well accepted by our patients as it is a completely non-invasive system and avoids the need for unsightly permanent tattoos.”

Felicia Gretah – Eng – Financial case study

“AlignRT has given us a more efficient way to reach our goals. We have been able to treat 70 more SRS and SBRT patients in the same time and with the same staff as we could previously. We are able to offer our patients an innovative, safe, accurate, and time-saving alternative to traditional positioning.”

Delonie Gregory – Eng – Financial case study

“The AlignRT SGRT system has enabled us to treat some of our breast cancer patients incorporating IMRT APBI based on the Florence Trial; these patients receive a total of 5 fractions treated every other day. This is a huge benefit for our patients as their treatments are reduced from 4-6 weeks to less than 2 weeks. AlignRT reassures us that our patients are correctly positioned, and treatments are delivered safely and accurately every time.”



Daniel Bailey – Head & Neck

“There are a number of publications now on minimal immobilization in head and neck treatments: clinical research is finding that it’s actually better in many cases to drastically minimize the extent of immobilization, not only for patient comfort but also for patient stability. AlignRT offers the advantage of open-face masks combined with directly tracking the patient surface, allowing for highly accurate treatments whilst minimizing the level of immobilization.”

Julie McCrossin – Head & Neck
“I will be forever grateful for the radiation therapy team that saved my life with precisely targeted treatment. Ten years after treatment for stage four HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer, I can speak, swallow and live a normal life. However, my 33 days in the full-face Mask was the most traumatic experience of my life. New styles of open-faced mask and better education before the patient’s first treatment will improve the patient’s experience and psychological recovery. Thank you for this innovation!”


Kirsten Hierholz – Head & Neck

“We use thermoplastic open masks with head and shoulder support, this helps ensure reproducible positioning, we use multiple ROI’s to position the patient and CBCT comparisons has shown accurate positioning and excellent correlation with internal imaging.”


Felicia Gretah – Postural Video

“There was definitely a time and accuracy advantage with implementing AlignRT Advance, especially with the postural positioning element. It has helped us increase our patient volume without extending our hours or straining our resources and we are still able to maintain a very high-level quality of care, while still keeping our patients comfortable.”

Daniel Nguyen – AlignRT InBore

“AlignRT InBore allows us to combine the benefits of fast CBCT, high dose rate and continuous monitoring of patient motion to perform safe DIBH treatments”.

Feedback from an early clinical user – SimRT

SimRT is close to being the ideal 4DCT gating system. The use of surface imaging and the markerless approach is an elegant, simple solution which is (in my opinion) superior to using a marker block or any other device requiring physical contact with the patient. 

Breda Horan – SimRT

“The location of the tracking point in non-SGRT techniques can allow errors to be introduced such as a patient arching their back or belly breathing. By using SimRT and placing the tracking point on the stable part of the captured anatomy you can ensure that the patient is breathing correctly by filling their lungs. SimRT software will also allow the therapist to see if the patient can achieve the same results when repeated breathholds are required.”

Lesley Jarvis, MD, PhD

“Cherenkoscopy is a unique method for visualizing surface dose resulting in real-time quality control. We propose that this system could detect radiation therapy errors in everyday clinical practice at a time when these errors can be corrected to result in improved safety and quality of radiation therapy.”

Helen Convery – ENG – MapRT

“We see significant value in three areas: checking patient position at CT to ensure a robust setup and avoid unnecessary dose from scans in an unusable position; enhancing planning through increasing the range of beam options; improving the use of resources and the patient experience by avoiding dry runs and delays due to last minute replans.”

Mathias Dierl

“Vision RT provides a simple-to-use and very effective way to save dose to the heart and lung in these patients. Our ambition is to widen the use of respiratory gating in the future.”

Todd Pawlicki

“What we were really after was equivalent positional accuracy. If we could find a technology and justify to ourselves that it is equivalent to existing technologies, that’s what we were going for. Enter Vision RT and their AlignRT product, and we had the tool that we were looking for.”

Nancy Wiggers

“Vision RT decreases both the time of breast setup for right and left breast lesions, and has really improved our accuracy. Vision RT has also improved the setup for many other disease sites … it is improving our accuracy and throughput.”

Dr. Vania Batista – Postural Video

“It is much easier to prepare and edit the patient data in AlignRT Advance. The best feature is the Postural Video module because it allows fast recognition of misalignments. It is a powerful tool to understand exactly where the changes happen when the patient falls outside tolerance during the treatment.”

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