AlignRT’s stereotactic calibration module allows clinics to deliver the benefits of frameless, open-mask SRS and SBRT/SABR using SGRT.

To deliver the accuracy required for SRS, both an open-face mask (supplied by various companies) and the SRS calibration cube (supplied by Vision RT) are required. The module enables a range of quality assurance tests – TG142 (linear accelerator) and TG147 (non-radiographic imaging).

Tests include: End-to-end localisation assessment, hidden target testing, localisation displacement accuracy, imaging coordinate coincidence across modalities, imaging positioning/repositioning, laser alignment, Winston-Lutz, couch rotation isocenter accuracy.

Calibration module: phantom and software

Enables calibration to radiographic isocentre.

Single phantom solution for daily quality assurance of imaging – including radiographic and surface imaging (CBCT, SGRT, MV, kV).

Open face mask

Less claustrophobic than frames or closed masks: allows continuous surface monitoring in real-time during setup and treatment and allows easy dialogue with the clinical team during setup.

Various masks are available from different vendors.

Head Adjuster

The head adjuster allows for easy, precise correction of pitch, yaw and roll for cranial treatments, allowing adjustments to be made to within a tenth of a degree.

This means that a 6 degrees of freedom couch is not required.

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