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DoseRT is Now 510K Approved.

Radiation therapy is critical in cancer treatment, but even the slightest errors can have serious consequences. DoseRT is a breakthrough technology that combines Cherenkov imaging with AlignRT and Horizon cameras, providing real-time visualization of dose delivery and patient positioning to prevent errors and improve clinical outcomes.

“This is going to become the standard of care in radiotherapy.”

Mike Tallhamer, Chief of Radiation Physics at AdventHealth, presents the initial findings of Cherenkov imaging and DoseRT.

A Treatment Verification Tool

Published data suggests that approximately:

  • 2.6% of breast cancer patients had secondary contralateral cancer attributable to radiation.²
  • 10% of patients have errors in their treatment that can be detected¹ by Cherenkov imaging.​

DoseRT provides real-time in-vivo images of dose delivery. The therapist is able to toggle between DoseRT imaging and AlignRT postural video screens during treatment. Cherenkov imaging has been clinically tested on breast, head & neck, lung, and SRS.

What is Cherenkov Imaging?

Cherenkov radiation is emitted when charged particles pass through the patient at the speed greater than the velocity of light in that medium. (Conceptually similar to the sonic boom.)

During radiation therapy, Cherenkov light is emitted from the patient’s skin where the radiation beam enters or exits the body. ​

Cherenkov imaging uses highly sensitive cameras, synchronized with both the linac and SGRT, to visualize this light from the patient’s skin.

Case studies

Unintended radiation dose to contralateral breast

Clinical evidence suggests that 2.6% of breast cancer patients had secondary contralateral cancer attributable to radiation.²

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Bolus Misplacement Currently no real-time verification tool exists

Cherenkov imaging captures a bolus misplacement that may have gone unnoticed without DoseRT.

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Unintended radiation dose to the arm identified by Cherenkov imaging

Cherenkov imaging shows an otherwise undetectable change in the patient positioning resulting in a dose to the arm.

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Dose Visualization + SGRT Can Help Improve Treatment Quality

  • 21% of Preventable Reported Events could be prevented with SGRT.³
  • 43% due to wrong isocenter
  • 34% due to wrong accessory

Cherenkov Imaging: Seeing Radiation Therapy in a New Light

What our customers say

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