Patient motion matters – more than ever

Hypofractionated radiation therapy – increasing the dose per fraction to enable fewer treatments — has emerged as one way for clinics to provide the same outcomes for patients, with certain tumors, enabling a more convenient patient experience whilst reducing the cost burden for the hospital.
Being able to confidently deliver the highest level of accuracy is critical to the success of this protocol, to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. AlignRT tracks patient motion in real-time in all 6 degrees of freedom with sub-half millimetric accuracy | ≤ 0.3 mm / 0.2°¹.  Elevating patient safety, the system can automatically signal treatment to pause if the patient moves out of position.

Hypofractionate with confidence

Hypofractionation; delivering higher doses over fewer fractions with reduced clinical margins, can raise key concerns around safety and accuracy. AlignRT, the Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) solution from Vision RT, can help you ensure these additional demands are met and you can be confident treatment is delivered exactly as planned.

Automatic beam-hold

With AlignRT, the beam will be held if the patient moves out of position – even momentarily.

Treatment versatility

AlignRT can be used on every patient, for every fraction on sites from head to toe.

Increased patient comfort

No invasive frames or closed masks, with the option for tattoo and mark-free treatment.

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