Vision RT DICOM conformance statements


Product Version Release date Documentation
AlignRT® 6.2 Dec, 2019 1016-0569 DICOM Conformance Statement 1.0 (PDF)


AlignRT® 6.3 Dec, 2020
AlignRT® 6.3.1 Jul, 2021
AlignRT® 6.1 (Russia) Jul, 2021
SimRT™ 7.2 Aug, 2021



AlignRT® InBore™ 7.0 Sep, 2021  

1016-0570-DICOM-Conformance-Statement-1.0 (PDF)


AlignRT® InBore™ 7.0.1 Jun, 2022



AlignRT® InBore™ 7.0.2 Apr, 2023  

1016-0570-DICOM-Conformance-Statement-1.1 (PDF)




MapRT® 1.1 Dec, 2023  

1016-0591-EN-MapRT-DICOM-Conformance-Statement-1.0 (PDF)








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