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Vision RT-Compatible products include immobilization devices and other accessories used in radiotherapy that have been evaluated by Vision RT for use in concert with AlignRT. The compatibility program brings together our growing partnerships with various leading radiation oncology manufacturers and is guided by input from our customers. You can recognize products that are Vision RT-compatible when you see our logo.


Bionix Radiation Therapy

CQ Medical Radiotherapy

CQ Medical Chabner XRT® Radiation Bra

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CQ Medical Radiotherapy

ClearVision™ & ClearVision 2, Type-S Head-Only, 3.2 mm

ClearVision 2 Head Neck & Shoulder, 3.2 mm*

Solstat™ & Solstice™ SRS Immobilization System – Featuring ClearVision™ Open-face Thermoplastic with Precise Bite™

CQ Medical Radiotherapy

CQ Medical Bolus with Skin


Compatible boluses: 

Custom Bolus- Peach
Peach: Gloss & Matte
Red: Gloss & Matte
Natural (white): Gloss & Matte
Light Blue: Gloss & Matte
Yellow Matte
Green Matte

Innovative Oncology Solutions

S-Type and U-Frame Non-stick Open Face Masks

Innovative Oncology Solutions


IT-V Open Face Mask


White S-Type Open Face Head & Shoulder Mask AccuPerf™ 3.2mm*

Green S-Type Open Face Head & Shoulder Mask AccuPerf™ 3.2mm*

LiteGreen O-Type 5-Point Open Face Head & Shoulder Mask 2.4mm*


Green S-Type Open Face Head Mask AccuPerf™3.2mm

White S-Type Open Face Head Mask AccuPerf™3.2mm

LiteGreen™ O-Type 3-Point Open Face Head Mask2.4mm



DSPS® Double Shell Positioning System


DUON Open Face Hybrid Mask
3pts Hybrid Open Face Mask


Encompass SRS Immobilization System
Assure Open View Fibreplast Head Only


Aquaplast RT™ Custom Bolus


Assure™ Open View Head & Shoulder S-Frame

Fibreplast® 2.4 mm & 3.2 mm Variable Perf*

Fibreplast® 2.4 mm & 3.2 mm Micro Perf*

Radiation Products Design, Inc.

Brass Mesh Bolus, Off-White

Vision RT does not validate or make any claims with regards to the level or quality of immobilization that each mask provides in any statement of compatibility. Aside from Vision RT compatibility, no endorsement is given to companies or any products, techniques or methodologies. Consult each vendor for specific indications and instructions for use. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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