News - 12 October 2022

Vision RT celebrates 2,000 systems in clinical use worldwide

Vision RT celebrates 2,000 systems in clinical use worldwide

Just over 20 years ago, Vision RT invented Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT). Today, over 2,000 of our systems are in clinical use worldwide.

Founded in 2001, Vision RT invented SGRT and remains the market leader in this field. SGRT makes every step of radiotherapy safer, more effective, and more comfortable for patients. Today, Vision RT celebrates an important milestone: more than 2,000 of its systems are in active clinical use, worldwide.

It has been a long journey for a company that installed its first clinical system at Massachusetts General Hospital back in 2004, today an advanced user of SGRT with AlignRT installed throughout its network in multiple treatment machines.

“With every new system that we build and deliver, thousands of people will receive treatments for which SGRT has been proven to improve the speed and efficacy of radiotherapy”, says Dr. Norman Smith, CEO of Vision RT. “Reaching this milestone of 2,000 systems, is an immense source of pride for Vision RT and is a testament to the proven results delivered by our SGRT systems over the years”.

Today, Vision RT’s technology is being used by all 15 of the top “Best Hospitals for Cancer” in the USA and 39 of the top 50. Vision RT has partnered with clinics to transform SGRT from a niche technology to a core part of a new standard of care, with AAPM guidelines on its use and applications for more than 10 different cancer types.

Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospitals, in London, have worked continuously to provide the most advanced and clinically accurate treatment, caring for more than 6,000 cancer patients each year. “As one of the first adopters of AlignRT in the UK, we are delighted to see this solution embraced by so many centers worldwide”, says Deirdre Dobson, Deputy Head of Radiotherapy at Guy’s Cancer in Queen Mary’s Hospital.

Also striving to ensure all patients receive the best possible care, Omega Hospital, Visakhapatnam, in India went live with Vision RT’s AlignRT technology in 2019 and quickly were able to offer tattoo and mark-free treatments for all their patients. “With the introduction of SGRT, we have eliminated set-up errors and are more confident in delivering advanced techniques like DIBH, and frameless SRS”, said Dr. Ravi Shankar Bellala, Radiation Oncologist.

Alfred Health Radiation Oncology, in Melbourne, Australia was an early adopter of Vision RT technology, recognizing the potential the technology offered to improve patient experience and outcomes. “The Vision RT suite is an integral part of our service delivery at Alfred Health’, said Phil Jones, Radiotherapy Manager. “The AlignRT system streamlines the positioning of patients at treatment, making for speedier and more accurate setups.  This is all achieved without the need for any tattoos or skin marks – an important quality of life benefit for our patients”.

Vision RT is the inventor of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT), contact-free technology that uses 3D cameras and computer vision to help ensure radiation therapy is delivered safely to cancer patients.

SGRT uses proprietary 3D stereo camera units to monitor a patient’s skin surface in real-time and compare it to the ideal position with sub-millimetric accuracy. This ensures that radiation is delivered only when a patient is correctly positioned, enhancing safety and comfort. AlignRT is non-invasive and completely non-contact, an increasingly important advantage for cancer patients, who often have weakened immune systems.

AlignRT is being used by all 15 of the top 15 “Best Hospitals for Cancer” according to the latest analysis by U.S. News and World Report.

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