News - 06 April 2016

Vision RT appoints Mike Schneider as VP Global Customer Support

Vision RT appoints Mike Schneider as VP Global Customer Support

6 April 2016. Vision RT, the developer of world-leading motion management tools for radiotherapy, today announces that it has appointed Mike Schneider in the new role of VP Global Customer Support.

Mike comes to Vision RT with extensive executive experience in global customer support, operations, regulatory, and R&D in the medical and life science markets. Most recently he was at Advanced BioHealing as Head of Operations, where he was responsible for developing and implementing operational strategies that consequently ensured a >150% increase in product shipment. Prior to that he worked at Kinetic Concepts Inct. where he headed the global restructuring of service, supply chain, and quality, amongst others. He has spent close to 40 years in senior operations roles.

Vision RT is the creator of AlignRT, a proven solution for treating patients via Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT), where a 3D reconstruction of the patient’s surface is used to track patient motion. AlignRT tracks motion in real time and alerts the user when the patient has moved too far, enhancing the accuracy of treatment. GateCT and GateRT provide motion management for areas affected by respiratory motion (specification detailed in the Product Guide).

As Vision RT strives to evaluate and develop its customer support strategy, Mike’s appointment will be important for ensuring customers have their current level of trust and support in the product while enhancing their overall experience. This is critical for a high-tech medical device, when the user having a full understanding of the product is key to patient safety.

“Customer service is everything,” says Mike Schneider. “The sales process is the first step, but after that the service and support take over and ensure the customer is positive they made the right decision by choosing Vision RT. My mission is to ensure Vision RT customers benefit from our technology and value the relationship and level of support they receive from the Vision RT team. They should not only be satisfied, but genuinely delighted with their decision to adopt our technology.”

“As we become standard of care for motion management during radaition therapy, Mike’s level of skill and experience is vital,” says Dr. Norman Smith, CEO of Vision RT. “We’re aiming for a global widespread adoption of the product and SGRT, but the journey only begins with the purchase. We want to ensure that the customer is comfortable and genuinely thrilled that they are able to implement this technology in their treatment center, and we’re thrilled to have Mike on board to guide them through this process.”

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