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Postural Video: The Way Forward for Radiation Therapy

Postural Video: The Way Forward for Radiation Therapy

RT(T) Lorna Wood, one of Vision RT’s Clinical Application Specialists, supports cancer centers all around the UK and Ireland, helping them get the most out of AlignRT and Vision RT’s other products. In this blog post, she talks about how clinics have benefited from Postural Video for patient set-up and during radiation therapy treatment.



Our AlignRT technology is transforming the way we practice radiation oncology and advancing the standard of patient care. The introduction of Postural Video as part of our AlignRT SGRT system allows for faster recognition of misalignment during radiotherapy and has major implications across all indications.

What is a Postural Video?

Postural Video is a ground-breaking module within AlignRT Advance that provides clear positional guidance in real-time, making patient set-up and correction even faster.

How can Postural Video benefit your process?

With Postural Video gaining significant popularity in clinics across the world, here are a few improvements that could benefit your oncology department:

Accuracy: Successful treatment hinges on accurate set-up and patient positioning during treatment. The Postural Video module offers clear positioning guidance from multiple angles, which helps clinicians achieve greater treatment accuracy and efficiency.

Workflow: Postural Video has revealed new opportunities to improve clinical workflows and increase productivity. The detailed information generated on patient setup and during treatment allows clinicians to make faster and more accurate corrections if patients fall outside treatment margins. In turn, this helps to reduce any potential breaks in the workflow.

Time-saving: There is plenty of enthusiasm around time-saving opportunities during treatment. Postural Video enables clinics to position patients in a standardized way, reduce manual handling and make faster corrections. Experienced Postural Video users now see this as a vital aspect of their treatment pathway.

For many clinics, Postural Video is the missing piece of the puzzle and has a meaningful impact on the effectiveness of radiotherapy treatment.

Discover how Postural Video can ensure more accurate treatment delivery while helping teams work more efficiently and providing a better patient experience. Find out more.

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