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DoseRT – our dose visualization solution – cleared for sale in the US

DoseRT – our dose visualization solution – cleared for sale in the US

Vision RT has just received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its latest innovative solution: DoseRT.

DoseRT is a revolutionary new technology that provides real-time visualization of dose delivery, alongside patient positioning.

During radiation therapy, Cherenkov light is emitted from a patient’s skin where the radiation enters or exits the body. DoseRT uses Cherenkov-sensing cameras so clinicians can view radiation as it is being delivered on the same screen as patient position and motion. Published data suggests that around 10% of patients have errors in their treatment that could be detected by Cherenkov imaging2. These errors include dose to the non-target breast for breast cancer treatments, unintended treatment plan errors, and patient motion bringing body parts into the beam’s path.

Mike Tallhamer, DABR, Chief of Radiation Physics-  a clinical partner evaluating Cherenkov imaging and DoseRT – said: “I believe this is going to change the way we do radiation oncology. This is going to become the standard of care. It gives us the ability to look at where the radiation is supposed to be delivered on a patient, to be able to visualise it live – while it is being delivered to the patient- and then gives us the ability to retrospectively go back and look at it and say yes, we hit the mark.”

DoseRT is a breakthrough technology that combines Cherenkov imaging with AlignRT® Horizon cameras, providing real-time dose visualization and patient monitoring that can help prevent treatment errors and improve clinical outcomes.

No other SGRT system offers Cherenkov imaging and motion management together.

DoseRT is available as an additional module with version 7.3 of AlignRT software, the newest iteration of Vision RT’s market-leading SGRT solution. Version 7.3 also includes many other upgrades and innovations, including support for active directory and a new Respiratory Module, an add-on to facilitate contactless phase and amplitude-based gating (with simultaneous 6DoF motion monitoring).

DoseRT is combined with Vision RT’s other products for contactless 4D and breath hold CT (SimRT), improved plans (MapRT) and faster and safer treatment (AlignRT). Together, these solutions provide a “Sim-Plan-Treat-Dose” workflow for SGRT that offers benefits at every step.

DoseRT is available for sale today.

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  1. DoseRT is a trademark of Vision RT. Beamsite is a trademark of DoseOptics LLC.
  2. Jarvis LA et al. Initial Clinical Experience of Cherenkov Imaging in External Beam Radiation Therapy Identifies Opportunities to Improve Treatment Delivery. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2021 Apr 1;109(5):1627-1637

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Vision RT works in partnership with DoseOptics LLC to develop Cherenkov imaging to work alongside our motion management solutions.

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