News - 19 September 2017

21st Century Oncology Begins Surface Guided Radiation Therapy with AlignRT

21st Century Oncology Begins Surface Guided Radiation Therapy with AlignRT

19 September 2017. 21st Century Oncology, the largest cancer care provider in the USA, today announces it is implementing Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) across multiple treatment centers to enhance its patient care in radiation therapy.

The physician-led company operates 143 centers located in 17 US states, as well as 36 centers located in Latin America. In their initial order, they have purchased 13 AlignRT systems to be installed in treatment centers around the USA.

SGRT uses real-time surface tracking technology to ensure radiotherapy patients are accurately positioned both before and during treatment.

“We are excited to implement SGRT using the AlignRT system and significantly enhance our treatment capabilities at 21st Century Oncology,” commented Dr. Constantine Mantz, Chief Medical Officer at 21st Century Oncology. “AlignRT provides a simple but highly effective solution for the technical challenges of stereotactic radiotherapy and deep inspiration breath hold for a variety of cases. We hope to make SGRT a standard of care for the treatment of breast and lung cancers, brain tumors and other selected conditions.”

“We are delighted to see SGRT being made available to the large population of patients being treated at 21st Century Oncology” commented Dr Norman Smith, CEO of Vision RT. “We look forward to the continued rollout of our technology throughout their network of cancer clinics.”

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