Financial Growth and Throughput

Financial Growth and Throughput


Vision RT and an internationally-renowned, hospital-based cancer center in Florida conducted a case study to assess how AlignRT has assisted the clinic in addressing their key treatment and workflow challenges.

The center opened in 2015 and, for the past four years, has been using AlignRT/ OSMS as their Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) solution to treat these typical cancer types: SRS, SBRT, and Breast DIBH.

Vision RT’s SGRT solution, AlignRT, tracks a patient’s position before and during radiation therapy to deliver a streamlined and efficient workflow for accurate treatment set-up and delivery. AlignRT also increases patient comfort as it can eliminate the need for tattoos and additional radiation.

Scroll down to learn more about the center’s initial challenges and how the clinic increased both patient volume and throughput with our solutions.

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The staff wanted to maintain high patient treatment standards, but also reduce “special procedure” treatment times.

Streamline workflow

Learn workflows of the new technology, to have confidence in consistent treatment delivery.

Improve efficiency

Reduce the amount of time to treat SRS, SBRT, Breast DIBH by reducing/eliminating repeat cone-beam CT.

Offer cutting-edge technology

Be known as an innovative center that provides patients with the latest treatment options and improves the standard of care.


Working with their Vision RT Clinical Application Specialist, the staff identified the need for focused training on “special procedures” (i.e., SRS, SBRT, Breast DIBH) to solve their throughput challenges and refine their workflow processes. The Vision RT Field Service Engineer also ensured full support for advanced procedures.

Training Program

  • 3-Phase training empowered staff to integrate AlignRT’s many applications with minimal disruption
  • Designated Project Champions provided positivity and motivation to train other staff and act as on-site points of support

Technical Support Team

Planned maintenance visits and remote diagnostic monitoring provided by factory-trained engineers who proactively minimized downtime


Patient Volume Increase

The center increased overall patient volume from 348 to 418 patients in less than 12 months with the same therapist staff and time as the previous 2 years.

Reduced Treatment Time

Transitioned all DIBH Breast patients from spirometry motion management system to AlignRT and reduced patient treatment time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes.

Improved workflow

Eliminated the 3rd CBCT from their typical SRS workflows due to the accuracy of the AlignRT system for patient set-up.

Future Plans

Maintaining its innovative, patient-centric brand, the center plans to implement SafeID, a non-contact patient and accessory verification system and GateCT, a real-time surface tracking solution for 4DCT Acquisition.

SafeID is a touchless solution for verifying that the right patient is selected for treatment.

GateCT is used to track patient’s breathing during CT Scanning enabling 4DCT acquisition and reconstruction.

10 ways SGRT with AlignRT can help your clinical practice

AlignRT offers automatic beam-hold on all Linac platforms if the patient moves or rotates in any direction.

Continuous monitoring through the entire treatment process, ensuring reliable detection of any clinically relevant movement; including pre, during and post-verification imaging.

Peer-reviewed, published data on AlignRT, showing it offers equivalent accuracy to other solutions; including systems which rely on additional internal imaging.

We offer a four-week installation and training program, run by a team with clinical experience. We will be with you, on-site, when you go live.

You will have access to free online courses and the chance to join an active SGRT Community to connect with your peers. We also offer a mentorship program where you can learn from centers already using SGRT.

Our sole aim is to provide minimum disruption and maximum effectiveness for your team and the system you’ve invested in. Our support has been rated “best in class” in the radiation oncology space.

AlignRT is completely contactless and doesn’t require additional immobilization or fixation. This helps with infection prevention and means less anxiety and more comfort for your patients.

With a simple and efficient workflow, AlignRT enables quicker and more accurate set-ups, which means your center can treat more patients every day. Less time in treatment, along with the option to forgo marks or tattoos means more patient satisfaction.

AlignRT is fully integrated with all R&V systems; allowing quick, seamless data transfer and automatic patient selection. You will be able to place patients at isocentre more quickly and with less manual handling, thanks to AlignRT’s automated couch movements. This also means intra-fraction corrections can be applied automatically, from outside the treatment room.

We offer business case support and flexible financing options. AlignRT can be used for multiple indications, with similar workflows, making it a sound investment for your clinical practice.

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