AlignRT Helps Patient Safety, Comfort and Efficiency

AlignRT Helps Patient Safety, Comfort and Efficiency


Institution Type: Freestanding cancer center Location: Ocala, FL
SGRT System: AlignRT
Years with system: 1 year
Linac: Varian Truebeam
Cancer types treated: 30% Prostate, 30% Breast, 20% SBRT, 20% Head & Neck.



FCS wanted an SGRT system that improved the precision of their treatments with real-time monitoring before and during radiation treatment, allowing for quick adjustments.


FCS is a leader in their area with a high volume of 55 patients per day. They needed a technology that they would be able to implement in a short period of time and still maintain their efficient treatment times.


FCS keeps the patient at the center of everything they do. Providing them with tattoo and mark-free radiation therapy treatments eliminated the need for radiation therapy tattoos or the discomfort of headgear and closed masks.


FCS chose AlignRT with Postural Video for the accuracy it delivered for all their radiation therapy treatments. Vision RT’s Clinical Applications team helped them implement tattooless treatment within six-months and earn the Vision RT Tattoo and Mark-Free Award, recognizing centers who have optimized SGRT technology on all workflows for their radiation therapy patients.


FCS incorporated AlignRT into all patient workflows. With Postural Video, their therapists no longer had to use marks to move patients, specifically helping them align their Breast patients with their arms, as well as H&N patients with pitch.


FCS implemented tattoo and mark-free treatment to help them save time and offer patient comfort. Before going tattooless, they spent time leveling the patients and moving them back and forth to put their tattoos on. They would also have to go back into the room to fix any alignment issues.

“Our commitment to our patients’ well-being goes beyond treatment speed – it is about providing our patients a safer and more comfortable experience.

AlignRT is changing the landscape of radiation therapy, making patients’ journey through cancer treatment faster, safer, and more.


  1. Re-imaging rates decreased by 50%.
  2. Treatment times reduced 2 to 3 minutes per patient. Block time can be reduced from 12 to 10 minutes.
  3. Delivering mark and tattoo-free treatments for all patients and treatment sites: Breast, Prostate, SBRT, H&N.
  4. Full implementation of AlignRT was less than three months.

Future Plans

FCS will expand the use of AlignRT technology throughout their network so they can offer tattoo-free radiation therapy to all their patients. Using a robust suite of communication tools, FCS will continue to reach patients through multiple social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) and utilize Vision RT’s Patient Education Toolkit for content to educate their patients and referring providers.

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