Press Announcements - 17 June 2024

Vision RT partners with BaraSeen Medical Company, expanding tattoo-less treatments in Saudi Arabia

Vision RT partners with BaraSeen Medical Company, expanding tattoo-less treatments in Saudi Arabia

BaraSeen Medical owns and operates Batik X – stand-alone radiation therapy centers in Saudi Arabia. They are partnering with Vision RT to provide tattoo and mark-free treatments to their patients, using AlignRT, the market-leading SGRT solution.

“At BaraSeen Medical, our core value is to provide the highest standard of radiotherapy care that is accessible to all patients,” said Dr. Hossam AL-Assaf, CEO of BaraSeen Medical. “By partnering with Vision RT, we are able to offer innovative, tattoo-less treatment approaches that enhance the patient experience while maintaining exceptional outcomes.”

Traditional radiation therapy sometimes requires patients to receive small, often permanent tattoos on their skin to help position them for treatment. AlignRT uses 3D stereo cameras to monitor a patient’s skin surface in real-time and compares it to the ideal position with sub-millimetric accuracy. This ensures radiation is delivered only when a patient is correctly positioned, enhancing safety and comfort and eliminating the need for tattoos and other permanent marks.

A recent study has shown patients have strong negative connotations about radiotherapy tattoos, and prefer having the option of going tattoo and mark-free.

“We are excited to collaborate with BaraSeen Medical, a forward-thinking organization dedicated to delivering transformative radiotherapy services,” said Hicham El Bizri, Vision RT Regional Sales Manager. “We’ve seen how much patients appreciate being offered the option of treatment without tattoos, and we’re pleased to be part of raising the bar for patient-centric care, through this partnership.”

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