2024 Workflow videos

Vision RT| Full Patient Journey

ASTRO 2023 product demo videos

2023: SimRT ASTRO demo

2023: DIBH Workflow ASTRO demo

2023: AlignRT InBore ASTRO demo

2023: PatientID ASTRO demo

2023: DoseRT ASTRO demo

ASTRO 2021 product demo videos

2021: SimRT ASTRO demo

2021: SafeID ASTRO demo

2021: AlignRT InBore ASTRO demo

2021 Patient education ASTRO demo

2021 A medical physicist’s view of Vision RT’s technology ASTRO demo (w Mike Tallhamer)

2021: DoseRT ASTRO demo

Postural video

2023 Postural part 1

2023 Postural part 2


2023 Cherenkov Imaging MLC

2023 Cherenkov Imaging Breast

2023 Cherenkov Imaging

2022: AlignRT® and DoseRT™ Demo from ASTRO

2021: Cherenkov Imaging: Seeing RT in a New Light (Brian Pogue, Vision RT ASTRO evening event)

2022: Cherenkov Imaging: Patient Compliance

2022: Cherenkov Imaging – Breast Arm

This is changing the way we are doing radiation oncology – Mike Tallhamer

Vision RT Webinars

2023 RSS Webinar: Use of SGRT for Intrafraction Monitoring and Breath Hold During SRS and SBRT Treatments.

2020: Advancing Beyond 2020 webinar

2020: AlignRT virtual site visit full webinar Centura Health

2021: SROA: ‘Investing in SGRT: Administrators’ Perspective’ Webinar

2021: Innovations webinar: Mike Tallhamer

2021: Innovations webinar: Robin Taylor

2021: Innovations webinar: Julie Kilkenny

2022 AAPM, “Task Group 302 – Surface Guided Radiotherapy: What are the takeaways?”, Todd Pawlicki

2022, AAPM “Cherenkov Imaging: Seeing Radiation Therapy in a New Light”, Brian Pogue

2019 OSMS Tips and Tricks DIBH webinar

2021: AlignRT Advance webinar – SGRT and workflow enhancement: The advantages of incorporating AlignRT Advance- Felicia Gretah

2021: AlignRT Advance webinar – Impact of AlignRT Advance on our practice: How postural has benefited our set ups- Dr Vania Batista

2021: AlignRT Advance webinar – AlignRT Advance across our global GenesisCare network- Kyle Woods

2019: Optimizing OSMS Webinar

2021: ASTRO evening event: ‘Free Your Gantry- New Dose Possibilities for Better Dose Distribution’ Minsong Cao, PhD, DABR, FAAPM

2021: GenesisCare Vision RT Webinar

2021: ASTRO evening event – A Benefit of Covid: AlignRT®: The Road to Tattoo-free for All Patients, William Chen

2022 AAPM, “Clinical Experience: Bore-based SGRT”, Kelly Kisling

Radiosurgery Society (RSS) Webinar – SGRT Use for SABR-Pancreas Cancer Cases & Hypofractioned Pelvis/Prostate Treatments

Workflow & virtual site visit videos

2023 AlignRT Advance: Send to Couch with Elekta MOSAIQ® PPS

2023: PatientID workflow

2023: DIBH Breast Workflow on an Elekta Linac | 360-degree video

2023: SRS Workflow on an Elekta Linac | 360-degree video

2023: SBRT Workflow on an Elekta Linac 360-degree video

2021: SBRT (360-degree video)

2020: AlignRT Advance SRS Overview (UCSD)

2020: AlignRT Advance Breath Hold Overview

2020: SafeRT virtual site visit, 360-degree video

2020: Cube Calibration Virtual Site Visit 360-degree video

2020: Daily QA Virtual Site Visit 360-degree video

2020: DIBH Virtual Site Visit 360-degree video

2020: End to End Site Visit 360-degree video

2020: Plate callibration 360-degree video

2020: SBRT virtual site visit 360-degree video

2021: Virtual site visit with Cleveland Clinic Florida

2020: Plate callibration 360-degree video

2020: SBRT virtual site visit 360-degree video

2021(?): SimRT patch placement: A very short video showing how SimRT allows the patch to move just by clicking a button

2019: AlignRT for Frameless SRS UCSD

2020(?): SRS Virtual Site Visit

AlignRT general

2019: What is AlignRT?

2019: AlignRT makes it easy (*there are variations of this video on Vimeo)

2019: Cardiac Protection For Left-Breast Radiotherapy

2019: AlignRT for left-breasted radiotherapy patients

2020: AlignRT Advance (Animated)

2022: What is AlignRT

2019: AlignRT Workflow Benefits (w subtitles)

2019: DIBH for patients

2019: SRS

2018: AlignRT Workflow

2019: SGRT from Vision RT

2019: Clinical advantages of SRS with AlignRT

2019: AlignRT Advance Additional Tools & Utilizing Bolus Overview

Patient videos

2023: Patient guide to DIBH with AlignRT

2023: The Safer Radiation Series: Eps 1

2019: Patient guide to SRS with AlignRT

2021: Beacon Hopsital- What patients can expect with AlignRT when receiving SRS treatment

2019: DIBH can help protect your heart

Clinical demos

2020: Clinical Demonstration – Elise Arnett

AlignRT InBore

2021: AlignRT InBore™ webinar

2021: AlignRT InBore™ animation flythrough

2021: AlignRT InBore Workflow Demo

2021: Dr Lorchel Innovations webinar

Business case

2021: Investing in SGRT: Administrator’s Perspective

Vision RT general

2021: 20 years of Vision RT (anniversary/general video)

AlignRT.EDU patient - focused videos

2019: Physician’s video

2019: How AlignRT Benefits the Patient: Dr. Parag Sanghvi

2019: A tattooless treatment approach

2019: Leaving tattoos behind: Dr. Sanghvi

2019: No Need For Permanent Tattoos And Marks

2019: Patient breast video

2019: Patient Tattoo Video — FB WIDE

2020: AlignRT – What is it and how does it help in radiation therapy_ (SGRT)

2020: AlignRT Patient Overview Video with tattoo & mark-free content (1)

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