News - 27 July 2018

21st Century Oncology Commits to SGRT

21st Century Oncology Commits to SGRT

27 July 2018. 21st Century Oncology, the largest radiation therapy service provider in the USA, today confirmed the purchase of 20 additional SGRT systems from Vision RT. This is a clear indicator of the commitment of this well-known group and of the importance of SGRT within care and safety for cancer patients.

“We view surface guidance as an integral part of our imaging at 21st Century Oncology,” stated Dr Mantz, Chief Medical Officer within 21st. “Our high satisfaction with the initial 13 systems from Vision RT over the previous 12 months has led to our strong conviction that SGRT from Vision RT is truly a major advance in patient care, from cardiac sparing for left breast patients through to improved safety and accuracy for SRS cancer cases. We have found AlignRT to be easy to use and simple to fit in with our workflow, with outstanding service and support from the Vision RT team. All in all, this is a great advance that we are very happy to deliver to our patients around the USA.”

Norman Smith, CEO at Vision RT said, “21st Century Oncology underwent a careful and considered evaluation of AlignRT over the course of many months, and we are very pleased they have chosen our solution to support them in caring for their patients.”

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