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Getting Started With SGRT
Introduction to SGRT
Feasibility and Tolerability of Surface Guided Radiotherapy in Breath-Hold Liver Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Setup margins based on the inter- and intrafractional setup error of left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy using deep inspiration breath-hold technique (DIBH) and surface guided radiotherapy (SGRT)
Evaluation of initial patient setup methods for breast cancer between surface-guided radiation therapy and laser alignment based on skin marking in the Halcyon system
Optimizing the Patient Positioning Workflow of Patients with Pelvis, Limb, and Chest/Spine Tumors at an Ion-Beam Gantry based on Optical Surface Guidance
One Year of Clinic-Wide Cherenkov Imaging for Discovery of Quality Improvement Opportunities in Radiation Therapy
SGRT Community
Checklist: Are You Ready for SGRT?
10 Tips for Choosing an SGRT System
Initial Clinical Experience of Cherenkov Imaging in External Beam Radiation Therapy Identifies Opportunities to Improve Treatment Delivery
Reduction in Treatment Time & Increased Throughput
OSMS To AlignRT Standardization
Financial Growth & Throughput
A Cohort of 4 Cancer Centers
Can surface imaging improve the patient setup for proton postmastectomy chest wall irradiation
AlignRT & DIBH for Reduced Radiation Toxicity
Utilizing AlignRT for a Better Patient Experience
Reduced Repeat CBCT’s & Treatment Time for Prostate Patients
AlignRT Improves Efficiency and Accuracy
Clinical Excellence with Vision RT
Elimination of Plan Verification Procedure with AlignRT
AlignRT and Marketing Resources Help Drive Patient Demand
Vision RT SGRT Solutions Workflow overview
Respiratory Module
Real Time Coach
AlignRT InBore
AlignRT for Proton