Utilizing AlignRT for a Better Patient Experience

Utilizing AlignRT for a Better Patient Experience

Capitalizing on Their Cutting-edge Technology

UCSD is a world-renowned cancer center with some of the most cutting-edge technology. While the team was already using AlignRT to treat their SRS/Brain patients without the use of tattoos, Mallori Kuhn, Radiation Therapist, initiated a plan for UCSD to expand the use of AlignRT to enhance the patient experience and treat their breast cancer patients without tattoos.
Enhance Patient Experience

Utilize their current technology to customize cancer care and deliver advanced treatments to their patients

Reduce Treatment Time

Decrease the time patients are exposed and in the treatment vault.

Tattoo and Mark-Free

Demonstrate time and cost savings by offering tattoo and mark-free treatment with AlignRT.


UCSD initiated a “Tattooless Lean Project” that helped them maximize the full potential of AlignRT, justify a transition to tattooless treatment, and help the entire radiation oncology team through the implementation process.

  • Identified all the stakeholders from each department – Radiation Oncologist, Physicist, Dosimetrist, Radiation Therapist – and asked what their questions/concerns were upfront.
  • Observed UCSD Encinitas (already offering tattooless breast treatment) and proactively addressed the challenges they had when they first transitioned to tattoo and mark-free treatment and how they troubleshoot them.
  • Worked with each role of the UCSD Encinitas staff to answer all questions and concerns her own staff had.
  • Met with each department to address their questions and how they would manage patients treating tattoo and mark-free.
Generated Standard Operating Procedures (Free-Breathing and DIBH)
  • Set-up
  • Troubleshooting
  • Simulation
  • Planning
  • Treatment


  • Simulation, was on average, 54% faster without tattoos – 4-8 minutes per treatment.
  • Treatment time was, on average, 30% faster without tattoos – 3-5 minutes per treatment.
  • Block time was reduced by 50% – from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Patient throughput increased by 30% – 35 patients to 45 patients per day.
  • Cost savings on tattoo supplies – $7,000.

“Our main goal was to utilize our cutting-edge technology to enhance the patient experience and eliminate an old technique of using tattoos. We found that by not using tattoos, we could also eliminate some cost.”

Mallori Kuhn BS, RT(T)
Radiation Therapist

Tattoo and Mark-Free Education

As a tattoo and mark-free center, UCSD Moores Cancer Center has been seen by over 225 patients and referring providers on saferradiationtherapy.com. By promoting their technologies and the use of AlignRT on their website, UCSD is now the second most viewed cancer center on saferraditiontherapy.com.

They will continue to educate patients on the benefits of SGRT through their website and be highlighted on saferradiationtherapy.com as a tattoo and mark-free treatment site.

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