Reduced Repeat CBCT’s & Treatment Time for Prostate Patients

Reduced Repeat CBCT’s & Treatment Time for Prostate Patients

The Challenge

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist High Point Medical Center Hayworth Cancer Center was experiencing some long setups with prostate patients and full bladders. They wanted to shorten the amount of time patients had to maintain their full bladders during treatment to improve the patient experience.

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Reduce Re-imaging

Reduce or eliminate re-imaging rates for CBCTs.

Reduce Treatment Time

Reduce treatment time by 1-2 minutes per patient.

Tattoo and Mark-free

Eliminate tattoos and marks for treatment.


Using AlignRT and Postural Video, the staff developed a plan to change their process to reduce imaging rates and eliminate tattoos and marks.
AlignRT and Postural Video

Incorporated AlignRT into the Prostate patient workflow. Used tattoos and AlignRT for one month to set lateral position.

Tattoo and Mark-free

Eliminated tattoos from workflow after positive feedback from therapists.

AlignRT for Initial Alignment

Using AlignRT for prostate/pelvic patients initial alignment reduced re-imaging rates.

Patient Education

Educated patients from CT through treatment on gowning requirements.


  1. Eliminated re-imaging in 66% of patients.
  2. 80% Reduction in fractions requiring re-imaging.
  3. 83% Less re-imaging over course of treatment.
  4. 55% Less treatment time – 1-2 minutes less time per patient.

“Using SGRT for prostate setups has increased staff efficiency and patient satisfaction – we are so grateful to have this in our clinic.”

Ashley Towers RT(T), Radiation Therapy Supervisor

Future Plans

Atrium Wake Forest plans to create AlignRT protocols for all their therapists to keep current and on-boarding new staff members. They also plan on creating treatment site-specific workflows for therapists for competency.

They will continue to educate patients on SGRT through their website and be highlighted on as a tattoo and mark-free treatment site.

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