Reduction in Expenses and Patient Volume Increase

Reduction in Expenses and Patient Volume Increase

The Challenge

GenesisCare Boca Raton, is a free-standing cancer clinic that has been using SGRT with AlignRT for 4 years across multiple treatment sites including DIBH, breast, brain, head & neck, liver, lung, prostate and sarcoma.

Their objective was to offer patients the latest technology and deliver high-quality, evidence-based treatments in the most effective and efficient manner.

  • 28% increase in patient volume
  • 20% reduction in overtime expenses
  • 33% block time reduction

Patient Experience

Provide tattoo and mark-free treatments for all treatment sites, as well as a zero-contact system with no mouthpiece, goggles, or nose peg for DIBH patients.


Decrease treatment time and increase patient access through fewer touchpoints

Safety / Quality

Replace the Varian Optical Guidance Platform with a system that provides real-time tracking of patient motion during treatment of single-fraction, high-dose treatments: SRS, SBRT, SABR.


Vision RT’s Clinical Application Specialist provided the accessibility and on-site training that helped GenesisCare develop the consistent workflows to achieve their desired treatments in the most effective and efficient manner.

Clinical Application Team

Trained GenesisCare staff on a variety of workflows – FB Breast, Lung, H&N, Brain, Abdomen Pelvis, Prostate, SBRT Lung – along with DIBH. This enabled the staff to make a fast and easy transition from RPM and Varian’s Optical Guidance Platform to AlignRT for all their patients. Continuous follow-ups helped the therapists with troubleshooting and gave them the confidence to use AlignRT for all their workflows.


GenesisCare standardized how set-ups were done on all treatment sites, enabling them to improve workflows to be more efficient and creating a better experience for patients during treatement.


  • The center increased overall patient daily volume 28% (from 25/day to 32/day) with improved workflows and mark/tattoo-free treatment techniques.
  • More efficient and streamlined workflows enabled GenesisCare to reduce expenses by 20% and reduce overtime by 1-2 hours per week for all staff – Radiation Oncologist, Physicist, Therapist, Front Desk.
  • Patient treatment block times were consistently reduced by 33% (15 to 10 minutes for all treatment sites) due to fewer adjustments, better visualization, and the use of AlignRT on all patients.

Future Plans

GenesisCare’s goal is to enable access to the highest quality care with a local focus on lower / no wait times while also providing patients with safe, efficient treatments and access to the latest technology. To do this, they will continue to expand the use of AlignRT technology throughout their network so they can offer tattoo-free radiation therapy and DIBH to all of their patients. From a marketing perspective, they will continue to reach new patients through Vision RT’s patient education website,

Finally, GenesisCare has established Market Success Managers who will continue to use Vision RT’s Patient Education Toolkit filled with local marketing resources to educate referring providers and patients.

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