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Il existe plus de 250 publications évaluées par des pairs faisant état d’études impliquant l’utilisation de la technologie de Vision RT pour la SGRT. Celles-ci couvrent toutes les localisations allant du cerveau au sein en passant par le sarcome. De plus, Vision RT soutient la Communauté SGRT, une organisation dédiée à l’éducation sur la SGRT par les utilisateurs, pour les utilisateurs, qui organise des réunions semestrielles et communique via un site Web dédié. Le financement éducatif de Vision RT a été détourné vers la communauté SGRT depuis 2016.

La technologie Vision RT a fait l’objet de nombreuses recherches par plusieurs utilisateurs, y compris certains des centres de radiothérapie les plus respectés. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste des articles de revues et des actes de conférence qui détaillent l’utilisation de la technologie. Cliquez sur les liens pour afficher les résumés et les articles complets. Utilisez le menu ci-dessous pour voir les publications répertoriées et organisées par localisation.

Quantification of dosimetry improvement with or without patient surface guidance

Sheng, K., Cao, M., Godley, A., Lin, M., Henze, L., Hammond, L., Delombaerde, L., Hierholz, K., and Kouptsidis, J., (2024)

Prospective Evaluation of the Clinical Benefits of a Novel Tattoo-less Workflow for Nonspine Bone Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: Integrating Surface-Guidance With Triggered Imaging Reduces Treatment Time and Eliminates the Need for Tattoos.

Zhou, A. Z., Conway, L., Bartlett, S., Marques, A., Physic, M., Czerminska, M., Spektor, A., Killoran, J. H., Friesen, S., Bredfeldt, J., & Huynh, M. A. (2024)

Setup margins based on the inter‐ and intrafractional setup error of left‐sided breast cancer radiotherapy using deep inspiration breath‐hold technique (DIBH) and surface guided radiotherapy (SGRT).

Rudat, V., Shi, Y., Zhao, R. and Yu, W. (2024).

Surface guided radiation therapy with an innovative open-face mask and mouth bite: patient motion management in brain stereotactic radiotherapy.

Chen, X., Liu, L., Wang, Y., Huang, X., Cai, W., Rong, X., Lin, L., Liu, J. and Jiang, X. (2023)

Dosimetric Analysis of Intra-Fraction Motion Detected by Surface-Guided Radiation Therapy During Linac Stereotactic Radiosurgery.

Foster, R.D., Moeller, B.J., Robinson, M., Bright, M., Ruiz, J.L., Hampton, C.J. and Heinzerling, J.H. (2023)

Feasibility and Tolerability of Surface Guided Radiotherapy in Breath-Hold Liver Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy.

Turna, M., Küçükmorkoç, E., Rzazade, R., Canoğlu, M.D., Küçük, N. and Çağlar, H.B. (2023)

SGRT‐based stereotactic body radiotherapy for lung cancer setup accuracy and margin of the PTV.

Guo, H., Wu, W., H, Y. and Zhang, H. (2023)

Automatic prediction model for online diaphragm motion tracking based on optical surface monitoring by machine learning.

Dai, Z., He, Q., Zhu, L., Zhang, B., Jin, H., Geng, Y., Cai, C., Xiang, T., Jian, W., Chen, Y., Zhang, H., Wu, J. and Wang, X. (2023)

Characteristics of detection accuracy of the patient setup using InBore optical patient positioning system.

Oku, Y., Toyota, M. and Yasumasa Saigo (2023)

Investigating the robustness of the AlignRT InBoreTM co-calibration process and determining the overall tracking errors.

Nguyen, D., Khodri, M., Sporea, C., Reinoso, R., Jacob, Y. and Farah, J. (2023)

Application of surface-guided radiation therapy in prostate cancer: comparative analysis of differences with skin marking-guided patient setup.

Lee, J., Yeon Joo Kim, Goh, Y., Yang, E.S., Kim, H., Si Yeol Song and Young Seok Kim (2023)

Accuracy and Efficiency of Patient Setup Using Surface Imaging versus Skin Tattoos for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation.

Mueller, B., Song, Y., Chia-Ko, W., Hsu, H.-Y., Zhai, X., Tamas, P., Powell, S., Cahlon, O., McCormick, B., Khan, A., Gillespie, E., Cervino, L., Zhao, B., Hong, L. and Braunstein, L.Z. (2023)

New Patient Setup Procedure Using Surface-Guided Imaging to Reduce Body Touch and Skin Marks in Whole-Breast Irradiation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Sasaki, Makoto, et al. (2023)

Comparative evaluation of a surface-based respiratory monitoring system against a pressure sensor for 4DCT image reconstruction in phantoms

Qubala A, et al. (2023)

‌One Year of Clinic-Wide Cherenkov Imaging for Discovery of Quality Improvement Opportunities in Radiation Therapy.

Alexander, D. A., Decker, S. M., Jermyn, M., Bruza, P., Zhang, R., Chen, E., McGlynn, T. L., Rosselot, R. A., Lee, J., Rose, M. L., Williams, B. B., Pogue, B. W., Gladstone, D. J., & Jarvis, L. A. (2023).

Evaluation of initial patient setup methods for breast cancer between surface-guided radiation therapy and laser alignment based on skin marking in the Halcyon system.

Kang, S., Jin, H., Chang, J. H., Jang, B., Shin, K. H., Choi, C. H., & Kim, J. (2023).

Optimizing the Patient Positioning Workflow of Patients with Pelvis, Limb, and Chest/Spine Tumors at an Ion-Beam Gantry based on Optical Surface Guidance.

Qubala, A., Schwahofer, A., Jersemann, S., Eskandarian, S., Harrabi, S., Naumann, P., Winter, M., Ellerbrock, M., Shafee, J., Abtehi, S., Herfarth, K., Debus, J., & Jäkel, O. (2023).

Surface guided radiation therapy: An international survey on current clinical practice.

Batista, V., et al. (2022)

Tattoo Free Set-up for Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Regional Nodal Irradiation

Giantsoudi PhD, et al (2022)

Positions of radiation isocenter and the couch rotation center established by Winston-Lutz and optical measurements.

Jursinic, P., Jordan, K. and Chen, C. (2022)

Initial clinical experience of surface guided stereotactic radiation therapy with open-face mask immobilization for improving setup accuracy: a retrospective study.

Zhou, S .et al. (2022)

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Using Optical Surface Management System – AlignRT as an Optical Body Surface Motion Management in Deep Breath Hold Patients: Results from a Single-Arm Retrospective Study.

Kaučić et al. (2022)

Reproducibility of Deep-Inspiration Breath Hold treatments on HalcyonTM performed using the first clinical version of AlignRT InBoreTM: Results of CYBORE study.

Lorchel, F., Nguyen, D., et al.(2022)

Reproducibility of surface-based deep inspiration breath-hold technique for lung stereotactic body radiotherapy on a closed-bore gantry linac.

Nguyen, D., Reinoso, R., Farah, J., Yossi, S., Lorchel, F., Passerat, V., Louet, E., Pouchard, I., Khodri, M. and Barbet, N. (2023)

ESTRO-ACROP guideline on surface guided radiation therapy.

Freislederer, P., et al. (2022)

AAPM task group report 302: Surface‐guided radiotherapy.

Al‐Hallaq, H.A., et al. (2022)

Reproducibility of chestwall and heart position using surface‐guided versus RPM‐guided DIBH radiotherapy for left breast cancer.

Lu, W., Li, G., Hong, L., Yorke, E., Tang, X., Mechalakos, J.G., Zhang, P., Cerviño, L.I., Powell, S. and Berry, S.L. (2022)

Introduction of SGRT in clinical practice.

Beer, K.T. (2022)

Benchmarking the AlignRT surface deformation module for the early detection and quantification of oedema in breast cancer radiotherapy.

Sorgato, V., Ghazouani, K., Queffelec, Y., Julia, F., Clement, S., Fric, D. and Farah, J. (2022)

Feasibility of surface guided radiotherapy for patient positioning in breast radiotherapy versus conventional tattoo-based setups- a systematic review.

Naidoo, W. and Leech, M. (2022)

Evidence‐based region of interest (ROI) definition for surface‐guided radiotherapy (SGRT) of abdominal cancers using deep‐inspiration breath‐hold (DIBH).

Song, Y., Zhai, X., Liang, Y., Zeng, C., Mueller, B. and Li, G. (2022)

Prerequisites for the clinical implementation of a markerless SGRT-only workflow for the treatment of breast cancer patients.

Sauer, T.-O., Ott, O.J., Lahmer, G., Fietkau, R. and Bert, C. (2022)

Evaluation of image-guided and surface-guided radiotherapy for breast cancer patients treated in deep inspiration breath-hold: A single institution experience.

Penninkhof, J., Fremeijer, K., Offereins-van Harten, K., van Wanrooij, C., Quint, S., Kunnen, B., Hoffmans-Holtzer, N., Swaak, A., Baaijens, M. and Dirkx, M. (2022)

Patient setup accuracy in DIBH radiotherapy of breast cancer with lymph node inclusion using surface tracking and image guidance. In Medical dosimetry

Rossi, Maija; Laaksomaa, Marko; Aula, Antti (2022)

A uniform and versatile surface‐guided radiotherapy procedure and workflow for high‐quality breast deep‐inspiration breath‐hold treatment in a multi‐center institution

Li, G., Lu, W., O’Grady, K., Yan, I., Yorke, E., Arriba, L.I.C., Powell, S. and Hong, L. (2022)

Reducing Anesthesia Use Among Pediatric Radiation Therapy Patients.

Nalley, C. (2022).

Initial Clinical Experience of Cherenkov Imaging in External Beam Radiation Therapy Identifies Opportunities to Improve Treatment Delivery

Jarvis, L.A., Hachadorian, R.L., Jermyn, M., Bruza, P., Alexander, D.A., Tendler, I.I., Williams, B.B., Gladstone, D.J., Schaner, P.E., Zaki, B.I. and Pogue, B.W. (2021).

Surface-guided radiotherapy for lung cancer can reduce the number of close patient contacts without compromising initial setup accuracy.

Blake, N., Pereira, L., Eaton, D.J. and Dobson, D. (2021)

Assessment of intra-fraction motion during automated linac-based SRS treatment delivery with an open face mask system.

Ornelas, Mariluz de; Diwanji, Tejan; Monterroso, Irene; Bossart, Elizabeth; Yechieli, Raphael; Dogan, Nesrin; Mellon, Eric A. (2021)

Accuracy of surface-guided patient setup for conventional radiotherapy of brain and nasopharynx cancer.

Lee, Sang Kyu; Huang, Sheng; Zhang, Lei; Ballangrud, Ase M.; Aristophanous, Michalis; Cervino Arriba, Laura I.; Li, Guang (2021)

Brain Linac-Based Radiation Therapy: “Test Drive” of New Immobilization Solution and Surface Guided Radiation Therapy.

Gregucci, Fabiana; Bonaparte, Ilaria; Surgo, Alessia; Caliandro, Morena; Carbonara, Roberta; Ciliberti, Maria Paola et al. (2021)

Prospective Study of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) for Breath Hold SBRT Treatments of the Lung: Analysis of Reliability of Surface Guidance Alone for Internal Tumor Position During Breath Hold.

Heinzerling, J. H.; Biester, E. C.; Robinson, M.; Moeller, B. J.; Prabhu, R. S.; Ward, M. C. et al. (2021)

Surface-guided radiation therapy for breast cancer: more precise positioning.

González-Sanchis, A., Brualla-González, L., Fuster-Diana, C., Gordo-Partearroyo, J.C., Piñeiro-Vidal, T., García-Hernandez, T. and López-Torrecilla, J.L. (2021)

Region of interest optimization for surface guided radiation therapy of breast cancer.

Sauer, T., Ott, O.J., Lahmer, G., Fietkau, R. and Bert, C. (2021)

Development and Longitudinal Analysis of Plan-Based Streamlined Quality Assurance on Multiple Positioning Guidance Systems With Single Phantom Setup

Shun Zhou, et al. (2021)

The role of surface-guided radiation therapy for improving patient safety.

Al-Hallaq, H., Batista, V., Kügele, M., Ford, E., Viscariello, N. and Meyer, J. (2021)

Permanent marker free surface-guided breast radiotherapy: Implementing a new technique

Goldsmith, C., Dobson, D., Littler, A., Sawyer, E.J., Moriggi, G. and Chauhan, R. (2021)

Comparison of three differently shaped ROIs in free breathing breast radiotherapy setup using surface guidance with AlignRT®

Laaksomaa, M., Moser, T., Kritz, J., Pynnönen, K. and Rossi, M. (2021)

The effectiveness of the DIBH technique in protecting the heart of radiotherapy breast cancer patients treated at the American University of Beirut Medical Center in Lebanon.

Ibrahim Duhaini, Bilal Shahine, Youssef Zeidan, Abbas Mkanna, Ahmad Maarouf & Mahmoud Korek (2021).

Impact of Pediatric Radiation Oncology With Movie Induced Sedation Effect (PROMISE) on Patient Movement and General Anesthesia Use in Pediatric Radiation Therapy.

Chapman, J.T., Chiu, T.D., Parsons, D.D.M., Chambers, E., Park, Y.K., Gu, X., Dan, T., Jiang, S.B. and Kumar, K.A. (2021).

Comparison of the dosimetric accuracy of proton breast treatment plans delivered with SGRT and CBCT setups.

Macfarlane, M.T., Jiang, K., Mundis, M., Nichols, E.M., Gopal, A., Chen, S. and Biswal, N.C. (2021).

Quantifying the impact of optical surface guidance in the treatment of cancers of the head and neck.

Wei, W., Ioannides, P.J., Sehgal, V. and Daroui, P. (2020)

Single-Isocenter Multitarget Stereotactic Radiosurgery Is Safe and Effective in the Treatment of Multiple Brain Metastases.

Palmer, J.D., Sebastian, N.T., Chu, J., DiCostanzo, D., Bell, E.H., Grecula, J., Arnett, A., Blakaj, D.M., McGregor, J., Elder, J.B., Lu, L., Zoller, W., Addington, M., Lonser, R., Chakravarti, A., Brown, P.D. and Raval, R. (2020)

Use of surface‐guided radiation therapy in combination with IGRT for setup and intrafraction motion monitoring during stereotactic body radiation therapy treatments of the lung and abdomen.

Heinzerling, J. H. et al.(2020)

Surface guided motion management in glottic larynx stereotactic body radiation therapy.

Zhao, B., Park, Y.K., Gu, X., Reynolds, R., Timmerman, R. and Sher, D.J. (2020)

Feasibility of Optical Surface-Guidance for Position Verification and Monitoring of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in Deep-Inspiration Breath-Hold.

Naumann, Batista et al. (2020)

Assessment of the use of different imaging and delivery techniques for cranial treatments on the Halcyon linac.

Flores-Martinez, E., Cerviño, L.I., Pawlicki, T. and Kim, G.-Y. (2020)

Commissioning and performance testing of the first prototype of AlignRT InBore™ a Halcyon™ and Ethos™-dedicated surface guided radiation therapy platform

Nguyen, D., Farah, J., Barbet, N. and Khodri, M. (2020)

Radiotherapy without tattoos: Could this work?

Rigley, J., Robertson, P. and Scattergood, L. (2020)

Surface guided imaging during stereotactic radiosurgery with automated delivery.

Covington, Elizabeth L et al.

Radiotherapy tattoos: Women’s skin as a carrier of personal memory—What do we cause by tattooing our patients?

Moser, T., Creed, M., Walker, R. and Meier, G. (2019)

Efficient quality assurance method with automated data acquisition of a single phantom setup to determine radiation and imaging isocenter congruence.

Kang, H., Patel, R.P. and Roeske, J.C. (2019)

Optical surface guidance for submillimeter monitoring of patient position during frameless stereotactic radiotherapy.

Covington EL, et al (2019)

Direct comparison between surface imaging and orthogonal radiographic imaging for SRS localization in phantom.

Wiant D, et al. (2019)

Evaluation of a 3D surface imaging system for deep inspiration breath-hold patient positioning and intra-fraction monitoring

Hamming, V.C., Visser, C., Batin, E., McDermott, L.N., Busz, D.M., Both, S., Langendijk, J.A. and Sijtsema, N.M. (2019)

Eliminating Daily Shifts, Tattoos, and Skin Marks: Streamlining Isocenter Localization With Treatment Plan Embedded Couch Values for External Beam Radiation Therapy.

Sueyoshi, M., Olch, A.J., Liu, K.X., Chlebik, A., Clark, D. and Wong, K.K. (2019).

A novel approach to Verify air gap and SSD for proton radiotherapy using surface imaging.

Wang, X., Ma, C., Davis, R., Parikh, R.R., Jabbour, S.K., Haffty, B.G., Yue, N.J., Nie, K. and Zhang, Y. (2019).

An evaluation of the consistency of shifts reported by three different systems for non-coplanar treatments

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The Role of Optical Surface Imaging Systems in Radiation Therapy.

Hoisak, J.D.P. and Pawlicki, T. (2018)

Comparison of Head Immobilization with a Metal Frame and Two Different Models of Face Masks.

Jursinic, P. (2018)

Radiotherapy setup displacements in breast cancer patients: 3D surface imaging experience.

Cravo Sá, A., Fermento, A., Neves, D., Ferreira, S., Silva, T., Marques Coelho, C., Vaandering, A., Roma, A., Quaresma, S. and Bonnarens, E. (2018)

Surface-guided radiation therapy as a replacement for patient marks in treatment of breast cancer.

Herron E, et al (2018)

Reducing X-ray imaging for proton postmastectomy chest wall patients.

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Evaluation of a surface imaging system’s isocenter calibration methods.

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Quality assurance for clinical implementation of an Optical Surface monitoring system.

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Orthogonal image pairs coupled with OSMS for noncoplanar beam angle, intracranial, single-isocenter, SRS treatments with multiple targets on the Varian Edge radiosurgery system.

Oliver, J. A., et al. (2017)

Utility of Deep Inspiration Breath Hold for Left-Sided Breast Radiation Therapy in Preventing Early Cardiac Perfusion Defects: A Prospective Study.

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Palliative radiation therapy for superior vena cava syndrome in metastatic Wilms tumor using 10XFFF and 3D surface imaging to avoid anesthesia in a pediatric patient—a teaching case.

Rwigema, J.-C.M., Lamiman, K., Reznik, R.S., Lee, N.J.H., Olch, A. and Wong, K.K. (2017).

Initial clinical experience of postmastectomy intensity modulated proton therapy in patients with breast expanders with metallic ports.

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Deep inspiration breath hold with ‘AlignRT’ in 3D conformal mediastinal radiotherapy for lymphoma.

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Analysis of Factors Affecting Benefit from Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Technique in Mediastinal Radiation Therapy for Lymphoma.

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A prospective evaluation of open face masks for head and neck radiation therapy.

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Characterization of a High-Definition Optical Patient Surface Tracking System Across Five Installations.

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Characterization of optical‐surface‐imaging‐based spirometry for respiratory surrogating in radiotherapy.

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Feasibility of Open Mask Immobilization with Optical Imaging Guidance (OIG) for H&N Radiotherapy.

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Three-dimensional surface and ultrasound imaging for daily IGRT of prostate cancer.

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Accuracy evaluation of the optical surface monitoring system on EDGE linear accelerator in a phantom study.

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Feasibility of Using a Commercially Available Surface Guided Radiotherapy System with An Open-Face SRS Immobilization System

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Technical Note: Evaluation of the systematic accuracy of a frameless, multiple image modality guided, linear accelerator-based stereotactic radiosurgery system.

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A novel method for radiotherapy patient identification using surface imaging.

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Three-dimensional surface imaging for detection of intra-fraction setup variations during radiotherapy of pelvic tumors.

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Can surface imaging improve the patient setup for proton postmastectomy chest wall irradiation?

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Clinical experience with two frameless stereotactic radiosurgery (fSRS) systems using optical surface imaging for motion monitoring.

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Single-Isocenter Frameless Volumetric Modulated Arc Radiosurgery for Multiple Intracranial Metastases.

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Characteristics of a novel treatment system for linear accelerator-based stereotactic radiosurgery.

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Failure mode and effects analysis and fault tree analysis of surface image guided cranial radiosurgery.

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Prospective assessment of deep inspiration breath-hold using 3-dimensional surface tracking for irradiation of left-sided breast cancer

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Dosimetric effect due to the motion during deep inspiration breath hold for left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy.

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A Review of the Magnitude of Patient Imaging Shifts in Relation to Departmental Policy Changes.

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Clinical experience with 3-dimensional surface matching-based deep inspiration breath hold for left-sided breast cancer radiation therapy.

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Improving Intra-Fractional Target Position Accuracy Using a 3D Surface Surrogate for Left Breast Irradiation Using the Respiratory-Gated Deep-Inspiration Breath-Hold Technique.

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Trigeminal Rhizotomy Performed with Modern Image-guided Linac: Case Report.

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Risk of Ischemic Heart Disease in Women after Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer.

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