Expand Your Clinical Options in Motion Management

Radiotherapy to the thorax and abdomen is challenging due to inherent movement caused by the breathing cycle. The target can vary day-to-day, affecting the position of the internal organs, which need to be carefully managed to maximize dose to target and reduce dose to healthy tissue.  With the increasing trends to deliver safe and effective SBRT treatments, it is critical to have the best technological options to manage this, in an efficient and patient-centric way.

This is why we’ve created our Respiratory Module.

This is a comprehensive solution unlocking new possibilities and is designed to expand clinical options in motion management. This cutting-edge module is fully integrated with AlignRT, offering unparalleled support for phase, amplitude and backup gating, with simultaneous real-time monitoring in six degrees of freedom.

Whilst Deep Inspiration Breath Hold is a straightforward and effective technique to reduce the motion of the patient, not all patients can tolerate this, and it may not be clinically suitable. The Respiratory Module is designed with these patients in mind.

Features of the Respiratory Module

Phase, Amplitude, and Backup Gating

Achieve unprecedented control over respiratory motion with the ability to tailor treatments based on phase and amplitude. The backup gating feature ensures added safety in case of any unexpected variations.


Real-time Monitoring in 6 Degrees of Freedom

Experience a new level of precision with continuous monitoring in six degrees of freedom— ensuring optimal treatment delivery.

Contactless Delivery

Innovative approach enhances patient comfort and streamlines workflows. No physical marker, block or belt needed – no physical distraction for patients, no skin deformation, no inaccurate block placement, nothing to clean and no tracking equipment for the user to set up.

Intelligent Integration

The Respiratory Module seamlessly integrates into the existing AlignRT platform, enhancing its capabilities without compromising user experience. This synergy ensures a streamlined workflow and increases the overall efficiency.

Enhanced Patient Comfort

Prioritize patients with the non-contactless approach that contribute to a more comfortable treatment experience.